The weather in October has been mixed, with enough rain to kick start the flowers into life.

The Sternbergia seems to have been particularly wonderful this Autumn, but then they always are – offering us a wonderful splash of sunlight on even the gloomiest of days.

The first of the crocus and colchicums are also in bloom, and the first flush of mauve from the Scilla autumnalis (formerly Prospero) can be seen everywhere – a sure sign that the orchids won’t be far behind.

Despite the rain, there have been a few scattered fires around the Elounda area, but these were contained quite quickly and have not done too much damage.

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Sternbergia greuteriana - native to Crete and especially common in the east of the island, Sternbergia greuteriana is a favourite of mine. Who could not be cheered by its bright yellow flowers on the dullest of days?

Yet more snails! - I make no apology for adding another snail image. These little creatures are quite fascinating and prolific and can be found absolutely everywhere.

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