The weather in October has been mixed, with enough rain to kick start the flowers into life.

The Sternbergia seems to have been particularly wonderful this Autumn, but then they always are – offering us a wonderful splash of sunlight on even the gloomiest of days.

The first of the crocus and colchicums are also in bloom, and the first flush of mauve from the Scilla autumnalis (formerly Prospero) can be seen everywhere – a sure sign that the orchids won’t be far behind.

Despite the rain, there have been a few scattered fires around the Elounda area, but these were contained quite quickly and have not done too much damage.

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Grey Seedheads - not sure what these are the seedheads of, but with very little in flower, they proved a good subject for my camera.

Hedera helix - Wild Ivy – in flower but very low key. A favourite of Dionysos, this plant was worn as adornment and as garlands at festivals held in his honour. Later in the year this climbing plant will be heavy with rich, black berries.

Hypericum - an hypericum I think! But I have absolutely no idea which! The whole bush had taken on this bronze red hue, with the occasional yellow flowers and no leaves visible.

Lactuca acanthifolia (Scariola acanthifolia) - this pretty plant is widespread in Crete and is endemic to the Aegean. It flowers in autumn and is easy to miss.

Autumn Leaves - scouting about for something to photograph I found a bank of dead leaves, looking superb in the autumn sunshine.

Lichen - another interesting lichen, but remaining unnamed at this time. My lichen expert would need a sample in the laboratory to accurately identify this species.

Limonium virgatum - this little plant was found growing on the edge of the shore on the larger of the Spinalonga islands. When I photographed it most of the area was under water as a result of a particularly heavy downpour, but a few flowers were managing to keep their heads and feet dry.

Scilla autumnalis - this little Autumn Squill seems to come in a great many sizes and shapes. Previously known as Prospero autumnalis, it is usually found growing with other bulbs such as crocus or orchid.

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