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Pezoulia Nature Reserve
Every Monday, Dr Rosemary John and Julia Jones are visiting the new Pezoulia Nature Reserve to make a comprehensive species list.  This list will be updated each month, as definite identifications are made.  It is hoped that, in due course, we will produce a complete record with scientific notes and images, to enable visitors to the site to understand the plants that they will observe from month to month. (added 16 Mar 09)

Julia has created a blogspot for Flowers of Crete, so that everyone can keep up to date with the news of what we are doing from day to day.  Please check out www.flowersofcrete.blogspot.com and register as a follower. (added 06 Mar 09)

Linnean Society of London
In January,2009, Julia Jones was voted a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London http://www.linnean.org/  

‘At the Linnean Society of London we are driven by a single purpose as outlined in our first charter, 200 years ago: "The cultivation of the Science of Natural History in all its branches".

Today more than ever the Society is an important contemporary organisation encouraging debate, research, publicationsmeetings, as well as maintaining internationally important historical collections in the biological sciences.’

Please visit the Linnean Society website and take a look at the important work they are doing. (added 21 Jan 09)

Walks around Vrahassi
We are delighted to include Jane Sharp’s excellent and informative walks around Vrahassi in our programme for 2009.  Jane has a fund of local information and will take visitors on a superb trip around this stunning and remote area.  The walk will take in a visit to the new proposed Flowers of Crete nature reserve, where there are many native orchids and other endemic wild flowers.
Click here to visit the Trips page for more details » (added 21 Jan 09)

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