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Lamyropsis cynaroides / Λαμροψις η υναροειδής - This tall, erect thistle is reminiscent of the wild artichoke and is found in rocky places.

Scabiosa maritime / Mournful Widow / Σκαμπιόζα η παράλια / Samt Scabiose - The strange name of this flower in English, may possibly refer to its colour of grey/mauve – a colour of mourning in Victorian and Edwardian England.  It may, of course, be for some other more plausible reason.  I look forward to hearing!  Despite its name of Maritime or Beach scabious, it is found at higher altitudes in dry situations.

Olive Flower - At slideshow presentations I often finish with this image of the flower of the Olive tree and ask for an identification.  So far no-one has correctly named this little flower.  How often do we stop and take time to look closely at the beautiful things around us?

Ornithogalum narbonense / Ορνιθόγαλο της Narbonne / Narbonne-Milchstern - The most common of the ornithogalum; it grows tall and slender and can be recognised by its pyramid shape.

Scutellaria sieberi / Sieber’s skullcap / Σκουτελλάρια του Sieber - This rather inconspicuous skullcap is endemic to Crete.  Whenever I have found it, it seems to be growing horizontally!

Hypericum empetrifolium - I find it difficult to identify some of the many Hypericum, but I have had a stab at this one! I hope  I am right!

Teucrium alpestre / Τεύκριο το αλπικό - Another Cretan endemic which is difficult to photograph.
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