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Crepis with White Butterfly - I love to photograph the pollinating insects and this white butterfly is no exception.

Crupina crupinastrum / Crupina / Κρουππίνα η κροτπίναστρος / Schlupfsame - A very pretty annual with a delicate stem, which can make it difficult to photograph in windy conditions.

Muscari comosum / Tassel Hyacinth / Μούσκαρι το εύκομον – βολβοί / Schopfige Traubenhyazinthe - The bulbs of this Muscari are sold in greengrocers across the island.  They are boiled in water and vinegar and served as a vegetable.  A bit of an acquired taste I think and no one I have cultivated.  Despite its frequent collection as a food, it is still the commonest of the species in Crete.

Linum bienne / Pale Flax / Λίνο το δδιετές (αγριολίναρο) / Windlein - A small pale blue flower which is related to cultivated flax.

Euphorbia characias / Large Mediterranean Spurge / Ευφορβία η χαρακίας (φλώμος) / Palisaden-Wolfsmilch - This is the most common spurge on Crete. Its name comes from the word ‘harakas’ meaning ‘a rock’. The white milky substance exudes by this plant and all spurges is an irritant and can cause skin problems.

Rosa sempervirens / Evergreen Rose / Ροδή η αεθαλής / Immergrune Rose - The only evergreen rose which can grow to a spectacular height.  When in full bloom this perennial shrub is stunning – heavily covered with beautiful white flowers which seem to shine in the June sun.

Nigella fumariifolia - This tiny Nigella is very easily overlooked.  It is listed in the IUCN Redlist as ‘rare’.  I found this single flower in one of my favourite orchid meadows above Malia.

Eryngium maritimum with hornet / Sea Holly / Ερύύγγιο το παράλιο / Stranddistel - I just love the combination of the large hornet with the wonderful steely blue of the Sea Holly flower head.

Fennel - I find the fennels difficult to photograph, but I liked the contrast here between the fluffy flower heads and the chain link fence.
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