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Although the land at lower altitudes is now very parched and dry, higher into the mountains there are still many flowers to be found. On plateaux such as Katharo in the east and Omalos in the west, meadows of wild flowers still delight the eye. In sheltered and damp locations it is still possible to find the occasional orchid. Please enjoy the flowers we have found this month.

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Acanthus spinosa - this tall, elegant plant has the most wonderful flowers. Its leaves were the inspiration for classic design and can be found on mouldings and columns around the world.

An artist in her element - on one of our trips to Lassithi, we found meadows filled with wild flowers. This particular artist was delighted by the flowers, the birdsong and the crisp, clean air.

Asphodeline lutea - although the flowers have now disappeared, even at higher levels, the seeds of this yellow Asphodel are amazingly photogenic - particularly against the wonderful blue of the Cretan Sea.

Campanula pelviformis - I just love the brilliant blue of this Campanula, which can be found everywhere in May. I never tire of looking at the effects of the early summer sunlight on these perfectly shaped blooms.

Campanula pelviformis - I make no apology for yet another Campanula photo. The flowering season is very short and I have to make the most of one of my favourites, while it is available.

Campanula pelivormis (white) - having looked through all my books, I have come to the conclusion that this is a white form of C.pelviformis. There was only one plant amongst a large colony of the usual blue and, believe me, it looked stunning.

Campanula creutzbergii - I am not sure that I have correctly identified this pretty flower. In the mountains above Karvousi we found so many Campanula and they all looked so different, I was at a loss to know which was which!

Campanula tubulosa - this rocky area was covered in Campanula of many varities. Mainly C. pelviformis, but here I found a group of C. tubulosa standing proudly in the sunshine.

Capparis spinosa - this stunning shot of the wild caper took my breath away when I downloaded it from the camera. The colours, form and fragility of this often overlooked flower are truly amazing. The credit for this image must go to Mother Nature, not to the photographer!

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