MARCH 2008 continued

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Ranunculus asiaticus - Turban buttercup - Asiatischer Hahnenfuß (Gartenranunkel) - Usually white or pink, and more rarely red or yellow, this very pale lemon example stood out clearly against the grey rocks of the hillside.  Growing in the eastern Mediterranean area, it is one of the most beautiful of its genus.

Valerian asarifolia - Cretan Valerian - Haselwurzblättriger Baldrian - This pretty endemic valerian can be recognised by its heart shaped lower leaves.  Flowers range from white to pinkish white and it can be found growing on cliffs and phrygana, usually in the shade, making it difficult to photograph.

Romulea bulbocodium - Scheinkrokus - Found in a mountain meadow with Crocus sieberi and Chionodoxa nana, this Romulea can be identified by its flower stalk and the absence of a central cream line on its leaves.

Chionodoxa nana (Scilla nana) - Glory of the Snow - Schneestolz - The first time I saw this amazingly beautiful little flower growing wild was above the Nida Plain.  This year I was delighted to find it once more, this time above the Katharo Plateau on a fabulous crisp, clear day in sight of a snow covered Mount Dikte.  It doesn’t get much better than that!!!
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