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Ophrys cretica ssp. ariadnae - Ariadnae’s ophrys - Ariadnes Ragwurz - This ophrys can be recognised by its green sepals and striking markings.  It can be found in phrygana from February to the end of April.

Ophrys cretica ssp. bicornuta - Horned Cretan ophrys - I am again not sure of this identification, but the side lips of this little ophrys were definitely pointed! Having looked closely at my photos and armed with reference books, I think it may be bicornuta.

Ophrys heldreichii - Heldreich’s ophrys - Heldreichs Ragwurz - A brightly coloured and very striking ophrys which is unmistakable.  The bright pink of its sepals and rose pink petals are just beautiful.  This ophrys is one of the most common, although I am sure that many who live here have never seen it.

Ophrys herae - Hera’s ophrys - Heras Ragwurz - This little ophrys is in the group Mammosa-Sphegodes.  The lip is red brown and almost round.  This plant was quite slender and tall, with beautiful vibrant flowers. Although rarer in the East, this specimen was found just outside Kritsa.

Ophrys oestrifera - Brake ophrys - Another species I may have misidentified, as it appears not to grow on Crete.  This specimen was photographed near Kalamafka, an area rich in orchids.

Ophrys sitiaca - Sitia ophrys - Sitia Ragwurz - This ophrys flowers in shady places and is distributed sporadically through Crete.  It can be recognised by its reddish-brown-violet or slate blue blazon and the broad whitish grey omega.

Ophrys phryganae - Phrygana ophrys - Phrygana-Ragwurtz - This ophrys can be recognised by the fact that its flowers are held at right angles to the stem.  It flowers from February to the end of May and is common all over Crete. Often confused with Ophrys sicula, I think I have identified this correctly!

Ophrys sicula - Small Yellow Ophrys - A small and delicate orchid which can be found everywhere.  It has a slender stem, which becomes more elongated at flowering time.

Ophrys sphegodes ssp cretensis - Small Cretan Ophrys - Kleine Kretische Ragwurtz - This plant was perhaps past its best when I came across it at Prina, but it was the only example in flower at the time. A many flowered, tall plant, it has a small, round lip and short, dark greenish yellow petals.

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