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Dracunculus vulgaris - Hans de Vries’ elegant and precise botanic drawing of the Dragon Arum.

Origanum dictamnus / Cretan dittany / Δίκαμος, έρωντας / Kretischer Diktam - Growing close to the Cretan Tulip, this was again the first time I have seen Cretan dittany growing in the wild. It was too early for this plant to be flowering but I was so pleased to find it, I photographed the furry leaves.

Hypericum empetrifolium ssp tortuosum / Υπερικό το περίπλεκτ - One of the most common of the endemic Hypericum which can be found at high altitudes in the three highest mountain regions.

Mystery White Flower - Found in a very shady spot under a bank of trees on the Nida Plateau, I would very much like to identify this pretty little flower.

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