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I was horrified and upset this month, when I went to one of my favourite spots with visitors, only to find that the field had been ploughed and sown with barley or wheat. This site is home to the rare Spiranthes spiralis which blooms in the Autumn and it is only to be hoped that the plough did not dig deep enough to disturb the bulbs. On a more positive note, around the edges of the meadow, which are far too rocky to plough, we found the following flowers, including the relatively rare Ophrys candica. Look out for the coming autumn months – I hope to be able to show you Spiranthes spiralis thriving in the meadows.

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Anacamptis pyramidalis - Pyramidal Orchid - this orchis was going to seed, but I was fascinated by the fine web woven around it by some absent spider. The name of this orchis comes once again from the Greek ‘ anakamptos’ meaning ‘turned back’ and this probably refers to the up turning spur.

Anagallis arvensis var. arvensis - Scarlet Pimpernel - the red form of this little annual is common all over Europe.

Anagallis arvenis var. caerulea - Blue Pimpernel (?) - I find this blue form more attractive and striking than the red. On the meadows below Karfi both forms were growing together.

P. dubia - although almost over, this specimen seems to be P. dubia – an annual commonly found in olive groves.

Galactites tomentosa - I identified this as Galactites, but I am not so sure. Again help please!

Centaurium pulchellum - looking very pretty in quite dense clumps, this centaurium is found in damp places. The meadow that is home to this specimen has a small stream running through and dense vegetation in some areas.

Lathyrus - a pretty little member of the pea family - but which one? I don’t seem to be doing so well with identification this month, so again help!

Lythrum junceum - found quite commonly in damp areas. There were a few dotted specimens on this meadow, but quite often this plant can be found growing in large colonies.

Verbena officinalis - (Vervain) - one of the two species of Verbena found on Crete.

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