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Pimpenella tragium ssp depressa / Πιμπιιινέλλα η κατακείμενη - A tiny endemic that can be found in the three main mountain areas of Crete. Again we found this new plant on our trip to the Kallergi Refuge.

Centaurium tenuiflorum ssp pactiflorum - This low growing centaury can be recognised by its darker petals and its stature.

Ptilostemon chaemaepeuce / Αγριάγκαθο - Frustratingly just high enough on the cliff to make photographing difficult, but not impossible, I could not climb up to be level with the flowers, but had to content myself with clinging on to the rock face, balancing and photographing from below. Without the aid of my tripod, this was the least shaky of the resulting images.

Hypericum empetrifolium / Αγούδοουράς / Krähenbeereblättriges Johanniskraut - I find identifying Hypericum somewhat confusing, especially as this year I have seen so many different types.

Lactuca alpestris - This relative of the lettuce family is found at high altitudes and is endemic to Crete. Its flowers deserve close inspection as each ‘petal’ is made up of several florets and it is really very attractive.

Lythrum junceum / Λύθρο το βουρλόμορφο / Binsen-Weiderich - This plant can be found in damp places – along the side of streams, banks of rivers and in fresh water areas of marsh.

Malva arvensis / Common Mallow / Μολόχα / Wilde Malva - Found all over the island growing on roadsides, banks and on uncultivated land. It is the Common Mallow that is also found in northern Europe.

Myrtus communis / Μυρτιά η κοινή / Myrthe - One of the most beautiful shrubs on the island, this myrtle produces a fragrant essential oil. The berries ripen in autumn, turning from red to a rich burgundy black.

Satureja spinosa / Σατουρέια η αγκαθωτή - S. spinosa is endemic to the south-east Aegean and can be found in the three high mountain ranges of Crete. The plant I photographed was large and very showy, demanding attention when we stopped to take a look at our map – we had totally missed our way on the dirt track.
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