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Cyclamen creticum at Kew - The plants that grow in abundance here on Crete can also be seen in the more formal settings of the alpine garden and striking new Alpine House at Kew Gardens, London.

Paeonia clusii at Kew - Having been lucky enough to photograph wild paeony in the forests below the Katharo Plateau in eastern Crete several years running, it was exciting to photograph the same species in the exalted atmosphere of the Alpine Gardens at Kew.

Arum creticum - photograph of this stunning arum courtesy of Christine Woolfenden. I was, unfortunately , in the wrong place at the wrong time to take an image of this lovely yellow arum this year, but Chris kindly supplied one of hers.

Tulipa saxatalis - photograph courtesy of Janice Ainsley. Again, this year by the time I managed to get up into the mountains above Aghios, the tulips had disappeared. I am grateful to Janice for her image of Tulipa saxatalis - a lovely endemic tulip.
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