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Spartium junceum - Spanish Broom - is common all over Crete and is often planted along roadsides with Oleander.

Valeriana asarifolia - Cretan valerian is endemic to the Cretan area. It is distinguished by its heart shaped lower leaves.

Iris germanica - This specimen was one of a large stand of plants on a hillside above Neapoli. Introduced and naturalised in Crete, this beautiful stately iris is usually found near old gardens.

Morea sisyrinchium - Growing in a great mass above Kroustas, this species is recognised by its attractive spotting.

Gagea graeca - This delicate flower appears from a small bulb and is a common species on Crete.

Ophrys fleischmanii - is distinguished by its very hairy lip and hairless ‘omega’ markings. It is a small ophrys, which is found more commonly in eastern Crete.

Serapias bergonii - This serapias (a form of orchid) is commonly found all over the island.

Ophrys tenthredinifera - The Wasp Ophrys – in such a pretty colour combination – is common all over Crete, but coming to the end of its season now in April.

Lizard - Spot the lizard amongst the grasses! Maybe a Podarcis erhardii? (Wall lizard).
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