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Orchis anatolica / Anatolian orchid / Anatolisches Knabenkraut - Recognised by its russet coloured stem and spotted grass green leaves, this orchid can commonly be found in stony and rocky locations.

Poppy / Mohn - I think this must be P. rhoes without the black blotch, but if someone knows better, please let me know.

Ranunculus asiaticus / Turban buttercup / Asiatischer Hahnenfuß - A group of these red buttercups were found in bloom on the side of a very dusty road.  The petals were about to fall, but I managed to get a shot of this beautiful bloom just in time.

Vitex agnus castus / Chaste Tree / Mönchspfeffer - In the past the branches of this shrub were used, amongst other things, for basket making, hence the name ‘vitor’   Latin for ‘basket’.  In Greek ‘agnόs’  and ‘castus’  in Latin mean ‘chaste’  as the plant was said to have anaphrodisiac and sedative qualities.

Arum coccinatum - One of Jan’s wonderful oil paintings of the flowers of Crete.  This study features one of the commonest arums, but it is none the less beautiful for that.
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